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Role: Graphic Designer & Motion Designer 

(Solo Effort)

Supervisors: Rudy Tedja & Denise Yu Ying Wong

Duration: May to July 2021


I had the amazing opportunity to complete a summer internship working alongside the Deloitte SEA Innovation Team to design collaterals for internal assets including logos, presentation decks, but most importantly prepare for their annual SEA Innovation Month. Here, I worked together with the Partnerships, Communications, Clients & Marketing Team to establish a unique brand identity to represent this special event. The visual materials were shared across Deloitte's internal and external sites (e.g. Instagram, Facebook), also for the perusal of other SEA divisions to promote on their respective social media pages as well.

Softwares used: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop

& AfterEffects

Deloitte SEA
Innovation Month



Nature                   +                   Technology 

Organic, greenery 

Man-made, irregular, coarse

The theme of SEA Innovation Month 2021 was 'Staying Connected,' this is in-line with the effects of the pandemic that we have had to adapt with. As SEA Innovation Month welcomes all attendees from Deloitte's SEA departments, the theme acts as a reminder of the importance of staying connected, not only cross-country but also staying connected with society and the environment. 

The idea of 'connections' using natural and man-made elements as the main focus for the visuals, was inspired by the our connectedness to nature. It allows us to explore the dichotomy between nature and the man-made world, where we co-exist together. 

For the main logo, the idea of 'staying connected' was conveyed through a pigeon carrier mail, in reference to birds being messengers in the past. Through feedback sessions, we agreed that the aspect of technology or the man-made world was not conveyed enough. There was initial comments made about switching the physical letter into a phone or a USB stick at first, however I decided to stick to this design and simply put a notification icon on the letter to indicate that it was an electronic mail. Then, pushed forward the technology aspect by incorporating it as the background. I believe the motion graphics for this logo works well in showing the dynamism of the visuals but also represents the fast-paced nature of technology advancing and the increasing need to stay connected. 

Facebook Post


Instagram Post


Opening & Closing Posts

View all in the 'Highlights' section of Deloitte SG Instagram Page 

Week 1

Staying Connected

1 SEPT 2021


Week 2

Building bridges

1 SEPT 2021


Week 3

New ways of
keeping in touch

1 SEPT 2021


Week 4

across borders

1 SEPT 2021


Week 5

Growing together

1 SEPT 2021




My internship experience was an exciting and challenging experience. Being able to lead the designs and lead discussions for the Deloitte SEA Innovation Month 2021 gave me the opportunity to showcase my skills as designer and a leader. 

This was my first time in an internship where I was able to see a project from start to finish. From rough digital sketches with my supervisors to driving the finalised design outcomes and sharing it to the Clients & Marketing Team during meetings was an exciting and fulfilling experience. I enjoyed designing with relative creative freedom but also adhering to Deloitte's established brand guidelines to comply with the brand's overall look, through colours, typography and other visuals. 


Although my internship ended not long before the official start of SEA Innovation Month in September, I was still able to view my designs from my personal Instagram account by following the Deloitte Singapore Instagram page. I am grateful to be able to hone my skills in illustration as well as acquire new skills in motion graphics through Adobe After Effects. I hope I can bring what I learned from this internship into the next chapter of my career path that I embark on. 

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