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An air quality tracker and accompanying app

The goal of Aura air quality tracker and accompanying mobile app is to create a simple and convenient device that identifies pollution levels for the safety and well-being of targeted users in the city of Jakarta, Indonesia.

The product measures the surrounding air quality and alerts users in real-time through the mobile app to reduce exposure to harmful pollutants. Other features include crowdsourcing data to help users predict the safest route to travel with. The product comes with a detachable clip and a wrist band aimed to fit nicely into the users’ lifestyle. 

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

DR3006 Product Design III



August - September 2020 (2 months)  


UI/UX Designer, Product Designer, CAD Designer


background_aura copy 2.png

01 / 

Air quality is a measure of how clean or polluted the air is. Monitoring air quality is important because polluted air can be detrimental to our health. Long-term air pollution can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems and even dementia. It can also affect productivity, sleep behaviour and overall mood. With this app and watch, it specifically targets Jakarta; a city of 11 million people consistently ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world.

Introducing a personal device to look after your health. 

Looking after one’s health by analysing real-time data of levels of pollution and alerting users for trends and patterns of detection of abnormal levels pollution. Providing a bubble of safety and trust wherever the user’s go through a personal device. 

aura_bg copy.png

02 / 

Exposure to air pollution affects everyone’s health. It is regarded as an invisible killer and can be most vulnerable to a large population including people with lung diseases, infants and young children, elderly, people who exercise often outdoors.

A heavy and daunting topic that should not be taken lightly, this case study aims to implement this simply, conveniently and effectively into one’s lifestyle and encourage users to see the importance of noting the air quality around them.

03 / 

Identify pollution levels and reports them in real-time in an attempt to reduce exposure to pollutants. 

Design Process









User Persona


User flow, Sketches


Wireframes, Prototype


Final UI Screens



Primary Research

How is air quality measured?

Air quality can be affected by many different pollutants however the most common measurements are PM 2.5 and PM 10, measured in micrograms per cubic meter.

• PM 2.5 is the concentration of microscopic particles. These particles are found in vehicle and motor exhausts, as well as smoke from burning wood, oil, or coal. When levels are high, PM2.5 particles make their way into people’s respiratory tracts and reach the lungs.

• PM 10 also come from some of the same sources as smaller particles, they are commonly from other sources, including dust, pollen, and mold.

Air Quality Index (AQI) is the ‘standard’ for air quality and also includes carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Air quality in Indonesia

Jakarta’s air regularly contains unhealthy levels of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and ground level ozone as well as particulate matter (PM) which can comprise various chemicals. Measuring less than 2.5 microns or 30 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair, PM2.5 can enter the bloodstream and accumulate in various parts of the human body. This can result in cardiovascular and respiratory diseases. It can also affect other organs.     

The primary sources of air pollution in Indonesia are peatland fi res, motor vehicles, coal-fi red power plants, road dust, open burning, and biomass burning for cooking and heating. The country has seen a steady growth in private vehicles, which adds to the congestion of air pollution in urban areas.



User Persona

aura_persona copy.png

Product Features Mapping


table aura copy.png

User Goals

Once we identified the user personas, to address the user needs, I prioritised the user's key goals into the following 3. 


View pollution levels in real-time


Track pollution levels over periods of time


Receive recommended routes of low pollution levels to

specified destination 

Task flow aura.png

Initial Sketches

sketches aura copy.png

Task Flow




Low-fidelity mockups

newaura copy.png


Screen flow

newaura copy.png


Interface Screens

aura copy 2.2.png
new_auraweb copy.png

Improvement #1

Extend the scope of the project

Create an app that is not only limited to tracking air pollution 

Create an app that is concerned with the user's overall health and well-being, by introducing fitness-related features into it

Embed a pulse sensor inside product to detect heart rate

Feature of allowing users to 'start' and 'end' journey to generate number of steps, number of km and time that the user has travelled 

Improvement #2

Greater user testing at targeted user

Allow an elderly to use the app to test and observe if a less tech-savvy individual can navigate through the app better 

Observe users open package and attach/detach accessories to product

Observe users connect product to the app 

Improvement #3

Feedback on overall branding of the app and product

Encourage multiple perspectives if the brand philosophy aligns with the proposed product and app

Feedback on the overall visual identity e.g. colour, typography of brand in correlation to brand message

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